26th of March: Indiana Pacers – Milwaukee Bucks

It has been a long period, since we have decided to share free tips – forecasts – with our visitors. However, we are keening on the idea, that it is better to wait for greater games in case of increase the probability of winning, than sharing a medium level prediction. Do not you agree with our idea?

However, today, as you can see, we have chosen Indiana Pacers – Milwaukee Bucks, which is going to be the only game tonight and, besides that, which is offered pretty well of bookmakers. What we are trying to say is that the odds for the home team, in our opinion, are little too high, thus it gives us a motive to try out this one.


Thus, as we have mentioned, we believe that Milwaukee Bucks is going to win the match with ease. Probably you are asking us why? Well, the essential thing, why the bookmakers have decided to give that high odds is the winning streak, which is achieved by Indiana. However, they are not capable to get this victory here in Milwaukee, due to their lack of knowledge, how to play against well built and, besides that, extremely young Bucks team.

Actually, Milwaukee has become as a mystery for the whole NBA teams’, as they cannot find the essential key, which could help them to achieve winning in city of Milwaukee. That is because Bucks’ coaching staff is playing their roles extremely well – players know their places, ball movement is excellent and they are able to convey the turnovers to fast-breaks extraordinarily well. That is the Milwaukee Bucks basketball, which will be probably extremely hard task for Indiana.

Besides, it would be important to mention that Pacers has been playing the last match in Washington, thus the trip should have done some kind of harm for them – to play two nights in a row against well teams is not that easy to do, obviously.

Thus, our free tips: Milwaukee Bucks -3 @ 1,90 spread betting.