31st of March: Indiana Pacers – Brooklyn Nets

Since the beginning of the season, probably, there were not a lot of people, who would be able to predict, that so many teams will be fighting for the last spot in Eastern Conference – what are we willing to say is that the competition between 5 teams was not expected at all, yet the most interesting thing is that their capacity, their strengths are pretty similar, comparing to each other.

However, that is all about NBA betting and about its basketball – the current situation, definitely, makes the season even more interesting, as to predict, which team is going to take the last place is pretty difficult. No matter that, we are still believing that Indiana Pacers, which will be playing in the Brooklyn tonight, against the home team – Nets – even though they are on the pretty nice run, still will not be able to compete against way better built New York’s downtown team. Let us clarify why..

Thus, the essential thing is that Indiana Pacers is still playing without they key role model players – after losing Paul George, and playing all season long without him, Indiana is not that team anymore, which would be able to compete against anyone, anywhere. We believe that they are having a huge lack of player, who would be able to take the team on his shoulders – in this way, as we can see, Pacers is not good at finishing games, as rushed moves are more than noticeable through the last quarter.


Moreover, looking at the other side – to Brooklyn Nets – New York’s downtown team is overall well built, as they have got different type of players, which could be used in various momentums of the game. Without this argument, we could also mention that Brooklyn has got extremely experienced players, who know the taste of Playoffs basketball and they are truly willing to get there once again. Nets are feeling pressure because of their supporters, but we are still believing that it creates wonderful consequences, as players feel motivated enough to go out there and put maximum effort.

So, free tips tonight: Brooklyn Nets win @ 1,80 odds.